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What is all the fuss about?

Skrevet af Janie Huus Tange, - 23. februar 2017 - 14:000 kommentarer
Next week CBS campus, Solbjerg Plads, will be all about the annual CBS Case Competition.

You see them everywhere: case competitions. On CBS, in university news and people are talking about it. But what is all the fuss about? Let’s go through why CBS loves case competitions and why students and companies should be interested.

Case Competitions are the business school version of university sports. Students compete in helping or strategizing with real life businesses to train their analytical and consulting skills. As a student, you can join with friends in specific competitions through the year focusing on communications, finance, marketing or innovation. Or something else – the competitions pop up everywhere these years because companies have found out that having business students look at their strategic challenges will give them access to talent that can be hard to come by otherwise.

Students on the other hand have also realized that competing nationally or internationally give them several tools that they can use later for studying or when looking for a job.


Next week CBS campus, Solbjerg Plads, will be all about the annual CBS Case Competition. Whether you compete or just watch, you will see that campus will change. Companies will visit – both sponsors and the Case Company which will be disclosed on Wednesday. The case company will provide the problem or challenge that they want addressed this year. The case will be addressed by both international teams consisting of bachelor students from schools from all over the world that have been invited, and locals who will participate in the CBS Open – an open version of the main case. Previously both Copenhagen ZOO, H&M and Telia have been case companies.

On Friday the great finale will take place at the big auditorium at SP – and streamed. It’s a great day on campus.

- CBS Case Competition is one of the biggest and most prestigious in Europe which is why participating can be a great asset to your cv whether you are looking for full-time or student jobs – it’s definitely a way to differentiate, Emil Nielsson explains. He is in charge of PR and marketing at CBS Case Competition this year.


CBS International Case Teams

Every year CBS bachelor students participates in 5-8 international case competitions. 2nd and 3rd year CBS students can apply as individuals in early January or June. Each team consists of 4 students and over the last 14 years CBS has won several awards. You can see them in the glass display case in front of the library at Solbjerg Plads. Last year we sent teams to Canada, US, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Serbia and New Zeeland. You can read more on or on facebook

CBS Case Competition

Students are working for free all year to make this happen. One of the first and biggest international case competitions take place right here at CBS.

Furthermore, the Open Case Competition has become quite the crowd-puller.

COM case competition

Every year ComCaseCompetititon takes place for communication students. In 2016 Novozymes was the case company. The three women on the winning team had developed a smart solution for Novozymes that focused on citizen science and gamification.

CBS Finance Competition

CFC is the first case competition in the Nordics to emphasize the nature of investment banking and M&A, and this provides an opportunity for students with an interest in finance.

A more in-depth analytical understanding of corporate finance is demanded, and in turn, students will develop acquired skills and test their ability to work in a high-pressure environment.

CBS Finance Competition is inclusive to all finance students in Denmark to exploit differences in education and work experience.

The competition will be held the 27th of April and the sign-up deadline is the 20th of April.