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Steve Fuller Suitable for Business at CBS

Skrevet af Sebastion Schwolow, versioning - Foto: unknown - 11. februar 2011 - 13:530 kommentarer
Steve Fuller, professor of sociology from Warwick University and founder of the "Social Epistemology" research program.

American sociology professor Steve Fuller is coming to Denmark in March to speak at the Suitable for Business conferences at CBS.

Steve Fuller, professor of sociology from Warwick University, will be key note speaker at the Suitable for Business conference in late March 2011. His speech will focus on the relationship between the social sciences and business, based on Fuller's own studies of the situation of the researcher in society.

Part of the puitable for Business-initiative
The conference is part of a larger initiative with the aim of creating a forum for social researchers to present and highlight their contribution within business and society.

Arranged by CBS, Copenhagen University and Roskilde University College, the event is supposed to demonstrate how business can benefit from the analytical capabilities and innovative ideas of social researchers, despite their non-business background.

Founder of social epistemology
Steve Fuller holds a PhD in History and Philosophy of Science from Pittsburgh University and is currently working as a lecturer and researcher at Warwick University in England.

As the founder of the research program "Social Epistemology" and publisher of a similarly named journal, Fuller has created a research field that addresses abstract philosophical questions with sociological and psychological theories. Among other things, social epistemology studies the social dimension of knowledge or information.

Free admission to the conference
Steve Fuller will speak at the Suitable for Business conference at Solbjerg Plads, Auditorium SPs01on the 29th of March 2011, at 1 PM. Admission to his and other Suitable for Business-lectures are free.