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New media platform CBS Wire launches on May 16th

Skrevet af Mette Koors - 2. maj 2017 - 12:360 kommentarer
The editorial staff of the new media platform CBS Wire is counting down to the release in 14 days.

The countdown from 14 to zero starts today. CBS Wire, the new independent, journalistic, English media platform at CBS, will be released for the first time in exactly 14 days. So we invite everybody to come by our office that day. We will celebrate the launch with free ice cream in front of our office at Solbjerg Plads, right between the Career Centre and Student Hub. 

CBS Wire aims to post news, analyses, opinions, debates, films, blogs, galleries and guides to students, staff and companies with an interest or association to CBS 24-7. You can expect a newsletter in your inbox approximately every two weeks, and the first will be sent on Tuesday 16 May. The newsletter will simply replace the newsletter you are reading right now.

Perhaps you have already become acquainted with CBS Wire’s films, stories and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube. Today you can get the story behind CBS Students’ big centenary party on 20 May (watch the movie here). And while you are visiting our Facebook page, feel free to scroll down our timeline and explore our previous films. You can see our interview with Chairman for the Research Practice Committee Søren Friis Hansen on the controversial case of former Associate Professor at CBS Troels Troelsen and his report on agriculture. Peter Møllgaard, Dean of Research, has even called this “a very serious case for CBS”.

On our site, you can also meet Mikaela Jacqueline Grøndal and see how surprised she was, when we revealed that she had won our name competition. We also recommend that you check out the short film with Glenn Harrison, Professor and Honorary Doctor at CBS. He loves CPH Jazzhouse and fine beer and he is also extremely nice to hang out with. 

On the media’s calendar “What’s up CBS” everyone is welcome to provide us with information about any upcoming events and happenings at CBS. So, if you are planning something small or big, then let us help you spread the word. Send us an email at already today, so we can get the events in place in due time. If you are a student and have questions about the content of your studies, how to best invest a 1000 kroner or how to perform well at a job interview, then write us at We will provide you with an answer from the numerous qualified and clever people inhabiting CBS every day. And if you want to get anything off your chest and express your opinion, whether it is something that is bothering or stressing you or if you are just really excited about something, send us an email at

Meet the editorial board  

The CBS Wire editorial board is made up of Anne Marie Lykkegaard, a newly educated journalist from the Danish School of media and Journalism in Aarhus; Caroline Boas, student editor, who is studying Political Communication and Management at CBS and Mette Koors, journalist and editor-in-chief.

We are more than ready to receive your ideas about topics to debate and areas to be discussed. Any tips about new surprising research, teaching or food in the canteen is welcome as well as unusual stories about people, stories about reflection, stories that simply make us laugh or stories about failure and success across CBS’ campus. We want to hear about CBS’ art, about the library, about the porter’s lounge and about the secret bakery located in the depths of the CBS basement. 

About the Media Board

Behind the editorial board is the Media Board, which includes a selection of staff and student representatives, who will help develop CBS Wire’s editorial direction.

The chairman of the board is Dan Kärreman, Professor at the Department of Management, Society and Communication, Trine Madsen, HR Development Consultant, Patrick S. Gram, Head of Office at CBS Business, Tine Silfvander, Programme Administrator at the Department of Management, Society and Communication, Henrik Johannsen Duus, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing, Charlotte Gjedde, master student in International Business & Politics, and Grace Livingstone, student from Australia, International Business and Politics.

So, if you are filled with great ideas and want to share them with any of us, then feel free to contact any of the above-mentioned people and we will get things brewing. And in relation to this, you are always more than welcome to stop by our office at Solbjerg Plads. We make a pretty mean cup of coffee for you to drink, while you spill the beans on all your thoughts and ideas. Our doors and ears are always wide open. 

We are extremely excited about 16 May. We hope you are too! You will find our news platform on

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