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Getting Denmark and the Danes at night school

Skrevet af Jørn AlbertusTranslated by Felix Kasperek - 17. februar 2012 - 13:270 kommentarer
“To learn is to want”, an old Danish song by the Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen claims. Now the principle can be put to the test at Folkeuniversitetet in Copenhagen, if you want to learn about Denmark.

Folkeuniversitetet (the People’s University) in Copenhagen offers the course ‘Danish Society’, intended for both newly arrived citizens and those who have lived in Denmark for a number of years.

Take an introductory course about the Danish society
The Folkeuniversitetet (Peoples University) in copenhagen course 'Danish Society' is designed to provide English speaking participants with an overall insight into Danish society. So if you feel like you could use the CliffsNotes on Denmark, this course may be just what you need.

The majority of the students and employees here at CBS know their way around the Danes and Danish society (at least that’s what we assume here at CBS OBSERVER), but what about international students and researchers?

You, your international colleague or fellow international student might find the introductory course about Danish society useful. Over the course of six evenings, professors from the Danish universities will cover the monarchy, the welfare state and the constitution along with the power structure, the demographics and the Danish labor market.

The course designed to have the participants interacting actively with one another, so it could also be a great opportunity to expand your network.

The entire course is held in English, takes place over the course of six evenings starting March 20th and costs DKK 540 to participate in. if you are interested in finding out a bit more, a short English introduction to the course is available on Folkeuniversitetet’s website, which is also where you sign up for it.