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Nominate a fellow student for CBS Student Prize 2016

Skrevet af Sanni Brandt - 20. september 2016 - 11:360 kommentarer

Does one of your fellow students deserve a prize? Now is the time to nominate him or her to CBS Student Prize 2016.

It is a rainy morning, the bicycle ride to CBS seems extremely long, the line for coffee is too long, and you have put the wrong papers in your bag. On days like these, a good friend can make all the difference in the world.
If one - or a group - of your fellow students deserves a prize for their commitment and excellent contribution to your student life at CBS, you can nominate them for the Student Prize that are presented at this year's CBS Prize Winners' Reception. Nominations should be sent by email to the Dean’s Office, Research, att. Karen Slej, no later than Friday 30 September 2016.

It is fantastic to win. It is almost as fantastic to be a nominee.
It is easy to nominate someone who you think deserves it. And you know that they will appreciate it. There are so many good committed students at CBS, and is there a better way to praise them and tell them that you appreciate them than to nominate them for a prize?
Find the criteria for the nomination for CBS Student Prize

The CBS Prize Winners' Reception takes place at the Kiln Hall on 25 November.