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Come celebrate our centenary with Phlake

Skrevet af Matilde Hørmand-Pallesen, CBS Communications - 2. maj 2017 - 11:540 kommentarer
The Danish R&B soul group Phlake will be headlining the student party.

If you haven’t heard it yet, students from CBS are invited to celebrate CBS’ centenary on 20 May in the stunning Concert Hall of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) as a mini festival with several concerts. Get your ticket now.

The Danish R&B soul group Phlake will open the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival this year. But they are also playing at probably the largest celebration for the students of CBS ever.

The student organisation CBS Students has arranged the so-called “Party of the Century”. For 100 years, students have been taught at CBS, and this called for a celebration. The party takes place in the Concert Hall of DR – a venue that has won prizes for its architecture.

Marketing Manager from CBS Students Lilla Tóth thinks there is a lot to look forward to:

“The venue gives 2500 students the opportunity to participate and meet across studies. Like the street festival Distortion, you will be able to move between studios in the concert hall and choose the music that fits your taste”, she says.

In addition to Phlake, bands like AV AV AV and Katie Keller will play, and there will be DJs all night.

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Earlier Nobel Peace Prize winner joins the celebration

The party begins at 21:00, but the celebration also contains a day programme. Starting at 11:00 and ending at 15:00, the event “Exploring the Future” will provide the students with a basis for good conversations about the future at the party later on.

Some of the brightest minds within areas such as sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship will give their input on the future. Usually, symphony orchestras are playing at the scene of the stunning Concert Hall, but on 20 May the scene will be occupied by academic experts:

- Former Nobel Peace Prize winner John Robinson is flying in from Canada in order to talk about the future of sustainability. Hopefully, the talks will inspire students in their future, for instance in their choice of bachelor thesis topic or career, says Lilla Tóth from CBS Students.

The list of speakers also contains Philosopher, Entrepreneur and Business Leader Morten Albæk, General Manager in Microsoft Marianne Steensen and Chairman of the Board of Dong Energy and former CEO of Mærsk Oil Thomas Thune.

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The prices will be student friendly. A large beer costs DKK 25,-. A ticket for the party costs DKK 90,-. A combination ticket for both the academic event & the party costs DKK 120,-.

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For more information, contact Marketing Manager for CBS Students, Lilla Tóth