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CBS Students print – now also in Dalgas Have

Skrevet af Thomas Edvardsen - 12. april 2011 - 16:250 kommentarer

With printers at both ground level and next to the library, students can now save money when it comes to printing out stuff in Dalgas Have too. You can print easily from your laptop whether you are home or at CBS.

Cheaper and easier printing for CBS-students
On Solbjerg Plads there has been no need to save your work on USB’s or log on to slow stationary computers in order to print out documents for a while now. Now you can can sign on at to easily print from you laptop and save money for beer or books if you are a Student in Dalgas Have too.

Now with print pretties to sell the savings concept
Mia Yoo Stavntrup, Alicia Boré, Cathy Basceanu og Helene Juliussen signed up to sell the use of CBS Students print when they found out that the only way to get cheaper and easier printing was if as many students as possible actually signed up and used the system.

- If no one uses CBS Students print the opportunity to save money on every page printed will disappear. Personally I use it mainly because it is so easy to print wherever you are – even from home, and then collect your print when you need it. I felt like I had to help informing my fellow students about it, Helene Juliussen explains.

If you are new to CBS Students print the girls will be in Dalgas Have on Wednesday April 13th from 12-15 and on Solbjerg Plads Thursday April 14th – they can be found by the main entrances.

Also for international students
You can also use CBS Students print even if you cannot yet get a dankort (a Danish bank credit card). All you have to do is to drop by the CBS Students office on Solbjerg Plads in the office hours – that’s from 9 to 13:30 – and you will be assisted.

New offer
CBS Students print is a new system and in the event of any problems you can find help if you go to the CBS Students office. The student organisation claims to be working tirelessly to ensure that the need will never arise so that you can enjoy cheap and easy printing for the remainder of your studies.