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CBS Students is launching an activity pool of 2 million kroner

Skrevet af The Presidency - 26. marts 2012 - 13:020 kommentarer

It is with great pride and excitement that CBS Students can announce that every student of Copenhagen Business School can apply for supporting funds for student activities through CBS Students’ new Activity Pool.

CBS has a unique study environment: No matter what your interests or skills may be, there are organizations at CBS that match these interest, and that offer you an opportunity to get involved and develop your social and academic competences. A dynamic student environment adds value to CBS as well as contributing to the everyday life of the students at CBS.

This is why CBS Students has been working very ambitiously towards gaining the official acknowledgement of CBS, in the value that the vibrant student environment brings to CBS, and how it contributes to the competitive advantage of CBS compared to other universities, as well as in the competences of students at CBS compared to other universities. The activity pool, of 2 million kroner is a prime example of the schools recognition of this, as well as their confidence in the professionalism of the student initiatives at CBS. Now we have an increased opportunity to really show CBS what the students can do with a little funding!

CBS Students is partly based on the Network of all student driven projects and organizations at CBS. The activity pool clearly illustrates the voice and force of the combined students voices of all the student organizations, study boards, the Academic council, and from the Students in the CBS Board of Directors. CBS Students greatly appreciates all you support and inputs. These are at the end of the day what make it achievable for us to invest 2 Million Kroner for student activities.

The aim of the Activity pool is to make CBS a cooler place for all students. The Activity Pool is to help the many student organizations secure their organizations. The Activity Pool is to finance new projects and help engage even more students at CBS. The Activity Pool is to show – not just the leadership of CBS, but all other Danish universities and business life – how agenda setting, innovative and rich a study environment the students of CBS can create, when given the right framework.

Go out there; be creative, think of initiatives and events that will improve CBS. Are you the next founder of an organization like Suitable For Business, 180 Degree Consulting or CBS wine? Start thinking of ways to elevate both your competences and our study environment: APPLY!

CBS Students would like to thank the School Management, and our new President, Per Holten-Andersen for their strong support and belief in the CBS Students Network & Societies agenda. We would like to thank CBS for its trust and making this possible financially.

CBS Students looks forward to empowering an ever-richer student environment in the future. Ultimately CBS works for making it at cool as possible to be a student at CBS, the activity pool is a great step towards this.

On Behalf of CBS Students – Your student organization,

Philip Hardø & Niklas Frijs-Madsen
CBS Students Presidency

Considering applying?

CBS Students aims at an inclusive and open process and therefore encourages potential applicants to show up for the information meeting regarding the activity pool, at SPs08 Monday 26th of March at 16.00 or on Monday April 16th 16:00 at Sps12. This will provide for an opportunity to informally ask questions regarding the formal requirements, which are available here.