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CBS Students debate seminar about university governance

Skrevet af Jørn AlbertusTranslated by Felix Kasperek - 22. februar 2012 - 15:060 kommentarer

How do the Danish universities’ Boards of Directors work, and what role do the internally elected board members play in them? This is one of the main themes for a debate seminar at CBS, held by CBS Students from 2 to 4.30 pm on Friday, February 24th in Kilen.

How do – and should – university Boards of Directors work?
At CBS Students’ public debate seminar on Friday afternoon, February 24th in the TrygVesta lecture hall in Kilen, people with insight into university governance will present and discuss visions, good and bad practice, the strength of cooperation and the survivability of democracy in the Danish universities under the current Danish University Law.

The keynote speaker about university management will be well known Danish businessman and Chairman of (among others) the University of Southern Denmark’s Board of Directors, Lars Nørby Johansen (from Danish Wikipedia). His presentation will be over the subject “Good university management – retrospective recommendations and visions for future management”.

Board-room voices from inside the universities
After this, Maria Juhler-Larsen and Laura Toftegaard Pedersen, student representatives respectively from the Boards of Directors of the University of Aarhus and the University of Copenhagen, will give presentations from the student point of view. Maria Juhler-Larsen will speak on the subject ‘University management in practice – good and bad practice’, and Laura Toftegaard Pedersen over the theme ‘The strength of cooperation in board work’.

The last speaker before the panel debate will be professor Kristian Kreiner from CBS’ Department of Organization, who will speak on the basis of his experiences from CBS’ Board of Directors over the subjet “Management can’t kill democracy”.

The panel debate will be chaired by Charlotte Dahlsgaard, Danish journalist specializing in the higher education field through the last 12 years.

Mandatory registration before, Friday fun and refreshments after
After the seminar, which starts out with registration at 1.30 pm and concludes at 4.30pm, CBS Students will host a reception where there will be an opportunity to meet CBS Students’ new co-chairmen and also the student organization’s own new Board of Directors.

Pre-registration for the seminar is mandatory – this can be done by email to

The full program for the seminar can be uploaded as a pdf-document below this article.